Mississippi is mostly known as a rural and agricultural state. But it’s still a great place to start a healthcare career.

Infact, starting a job in the medical field may be one of your best options in Mississippi. That’s why so many are drawn to taking local phlebotomy classes.

Why Should You Enroll in a Phlebotomy Training Program in Mississippi?

The job growth trends in Mississippi haven’t been optimistic. However, the healthcare industry bucks that trend. While job growth has stagnated in other industries, healthcare jobs in Mississippi have grown over 25% in the past decade!

In addition, Mississippi features:

  • A large university medical center that is one of the state’s largest employers
  • The lowest cost of living of any U.S. state
  • An improving economy which grew by 1.6% in 2013
phlebotomy training in mississippi university medical center

The University of Mississippi’s Medical Center is one of the state’s largest employers

Mississippi boasts the University of Mississippi Medical Center, one of the state’s largest employers. The center, located in Jackson, has 9100 employees and teaches 2800 students. The medical center houses:

  • The state’s singular children’s hospital;
  • A critical care hospital with a Level 1 trauma center; and
  • A women and infants’ hospital with a Level 4 neonatal intensive care nursery.

And, Mississippi was just named the best state in which to practice medicine for the second straight year. Physician’s Practice magazine noted the low cost of living as one benefit.

Further economic growth is on the horizon with the oil industry continuing its work in the state. Large firms like General Dynamics, Philips and Williams-Sonoma are also expanding their operations.

With a cost of living that is around 90% the national average, your new career will give you plenty of cash to explore Mississippi. Mississippi has much to offer to new residents. You can explore the Mississippi River, the Gulf Coast and the Delta. Delicious southern food, the beauty of the blues and gorgeous beaches are also on display.

Where Can I Find Classes for Medical and Phlebotomy Training Near Me?

Looking for phlebotomy courses in Mississippi? Don’t spend hours searching the net or peering through brochures. Use our quick and easy program! Let us kick-start your new career by helping with your search! Click the link below to find one of many phlebotomy career training programs throughout the state. Fill out our simple form and we’ll send you all the information you will need, free of charge!

Once you ask for our help, we can give you more information on tuition costs, financial aid options, and enrollment dates.

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How Much Can You Earn Once You Complete Your Phlebotomist Training in Mississippi?

Phlebotomists earn $26,000, on average, throughout the state. Here are the median phlebotomist salaries in the five largest cities:

  1. Jackson – $25,902
  2. Gulfport – $26,380
  3. Hattiesburg – $24,498
  4. Southaven – $29,482
  5. Biloxi – $28,426

This means your phlebotomist classes will earn you a salary just under $30,000. Not bad in a state with such a low cost of living!

Who Can Enroll in Local Phlebotomy Classes?

Phlebotomy technician training is an excellent option for those at all levels of education. High school graduates and medical school students can both benefit from phlebotomist school. Phlebotomists can work full- or part-time.

Phlebotomy can be a promising career to those just starting in the workforce. Phlebotomy technician training at a phlebotomist school can also provide financial backup for students. Part-time phlebotomist work can provide valuable hospital experience to those pursuing other medical careers.

How Long is Phlebotomy Training?

So, how long is phlebotomy school? According to some estimates, new phlebotomists can expect as long as eight months of training. Phlebotomy training can also take around four months in some cases. Length will vary by program.

These timelines include classroom training from phlebotomy training specialists and phlebotomy on the job training.

The University of Southern Mississippi is one institution that offers phlebotomy career training. That university’s Phlebotomy Certificate Program trains students in two course hours. Each course hour will cost $350 for those not seeking a degree. Enrolled students at the university will pay the standard tuition rate.

One of the courses is available online, and a second course will give students phlebotomy on the job training. The National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science has approved the program. A $35 nonrefundable fee is also charged for the certificate.

East Mississippi Community College also offers phlebotomy career training. That school’s Phlebotomy Training Program features sixteen class sessions spread over eight weeks. Phlebotomy training specialists teach the courses. To complete the program students must attend classroom sessions and 100 hours of supervised phlebotomy on the job training.

Tuition for three hours of course time for part-time students is $405 in-state and $417 out-of-state.

The Medical Certification Agency also offers phlebotomy certification. These fast-paced, one-day phlebotomy career training courses take place in various locations. They cover a wide range of topics including blood draws, blood smears and butterfly needles. Students can also learn how to perform electrocardiogram tests (also known as EKGs) if they choose. Registration is $400.

Students must be at least 18 to take part in these courses. A high school diploma or graduate equivalent degree is also required. Many phlebotomy training specialists providing these courses also require background checks and certain medical tests.

Mississippi offers its own formal certification program ,and private enterprises also offer certification. The American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians (ASPT) also offers additional certification. To be eligible for this certification, technicians must have phlebotomy on the job training. They will need to perform:

  • 100 accurate venipunctures; and
  • Five successful skin punctures.

A current membership in the society and a $55.00 exam fee are also required for those that wish to take the ASPT certification exam.

Private certification can boost your credentials and your pay!

Do Employers in Mississippi Require a Phlebotomy Certification Course?

Yes. Individuals that wish to work as phlebotomists will need to take a phlebotomy training course. See the list above for approved schools for phlebotomy!

How Much Do Phlebotomy Schools Near Me Cost?

Phlebotomy training cost is one factor to consider when deciding on a school for phlebotomy. The University of Southern Mississippi’s Phlebotomy Certificate Program costs $700 for those not seeking a degree at the school.

Registration for the one-day intensive course offered by the Medical Certification Agency is $400.

More Local Phlebotomy Courses in Mississippi

Want to spend more time researching Mississippi phlebotomist education and training programs on your own? See the list of courses below. It includes phlebotomy education and training in Clarksdale, Raymond, Meridian, Moorhead, Laurel, Scooba, Mayhew, Perkinston, Gautier, and Gulfport.

Coahoma Community College3240 Friars Point Road Clarksdale, MS 38614http://www.coahomacc.edu/healthsciences/phlebotemy/index.php
Hinds Community CollegePO Box1100 Raymond, MS 39154http://www.hindscc.edu/Departments/health_related_professions/ShortTerm.aspx
Meridian Community College910 Hwy 19 N Meridian, MS 39307http://www.meridiancc.edu/workforce_development/medical_related_education/phlebotomy.htm
Mississippi Delta Community CollegePO Box 668 Hwy 3 &Cherry St. Moorhead, MS 38761

Pine Belt Education Center 923 Sawmill Road Laurel, MS 39440http://www.jones.k12.ms.us/pbec/programs.html
East Mississippi Community CollegeMain Campus-1512 Kemper Street PO Box 158 Scooba, MS 39358http://www.eastms.edu/workforce2/WF-classes-training/WF-medical/Pages/Phlebotomy.aspx
East Mississippi Community CollegeGolden Triangle-8731 South Frontage Road PO Box 100 Mayhew, MS 39753http://www.eastms.edu/workforce2/WF-classes-training/WF-medical/Pages/Phlebotomy.aspx
Mississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegePerkinston Campus-PO Box 548 (ground address 51 Main St) Perkinston, MS 39573

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeJackson County Campus-PO Box 100 (ground address 2300 Highway 90) Gautier, MS 39553http://www.mgccc.edu/community/continuing_education/program.php?id=51
Mississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeJefferson Davis Campus- 2226 Switzer Rd. Gulfport, MS 39507http://www.mgccc.edu/community/continuing_education/program.php?id=51
Mississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeCommunity Campus-10298 Express Dr. Gulfport, MS 39503http://www.mgccc.edu/community/continuing_education/program.php?id=51

How’s the Job Outlook for Phlebotomists in Mississippi?

Mississippi has one of the weakest state economies in the nation, but employment levels remain steady. Physician’s Practice Magazine named Mississippi the best state to practice medicine in for the second straight year.

The University of Mississippi Medical Center continues to grow. The center has signed an agreement with the Mayo Clinic to expand clinical trials and medical research.

Employers will continue to post more and more phlebotomy job listings. Beginning phlebotomy training in Mississippi is a step towards a career that will serve you well for years to come. The chart below graphs the trends of phlebotomy jobs in the United States.