New Hampshire was one of the few states with minimal impact from the economic recession. Still, it faced an above average loss of jobs in the period after 2007.

Interestingly, healthcare was one of the few industries that experienced job growth in New Hampshire, even during the recession. So if you’ve been considering a career as a phlebotomist, now is the time to start your phlebotomy training.

Why Should You Enroll in a Phlebotomy Training Program in New Hampshire?

Why phlebotomist classes? First of all, phlebotomy is a good starting point if you want a career in health care. This is true anywhere and not just in New Hampshire. There are, of course, other reasons to join a phlebotomy course here. For instance:

  • New Hampshire’s unemployment is well below 5%, much lower than the national average
  • According to the recently published Commonwealth Fund’s report, New Hampshire, along with Hawaii, Minnesota, Massachusetts and Vermont has the best health care system in the nation.
  • A phlebotomist in New Hampshire earns between $34,000 and $39,000. That’s above the US average.
phlebotomy training in new hampshire economy

New Hampshire’s bustling economy was minimally impacted by the recession. This makes it one of the most stable states to start a career.

Where Can I Find Classes for Medical and Phlebotomy Training Near Me?

Since you probably don’t want to spend too much of your precious time on finding the best phlebotomy program in New Hampshire, we got you covered below.

All it takes is to:

  1. Click on a program below that you fancy.
  2. Complete an online form with your custom information. Be sure everything is correct.
  3. We’ll send the info about the program you chose. For free, don’t worry!

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How Much Can You Earn After Finishing Your Phlebotomist Training In New Hampshire?

As we already mentioned, a phlebotomist in New Hampshire earns more than in most other states in the country. The average salary you’ll be looking at is $35,000 per year,. That’s a good reason for a phlebotomy career training, right?

Here’s what a phlebotomist can earn (medians) in the largest cities in NH:

  1. Manchester – $32,789
  2. Nashua - $32,789
  3. Concord – $32,789
  4. Derry – $32,789
  5. Rochester - $31,733

Who Can Enroll in Local Phlebotomy Classes?

If you want to work as one, you first have to finish phlebotomist school.

To join a phlebotomy technician training in New Hampshire you need a GED or a high school diploma, Some programs also require you to pass a drug test, a physical exam, or do a background check before they allow you to sign in.

Furthermore, some externships are only offered through phlebotomy technician training. You’ll need to have a medical insurance for many of these as well.

The benefits, however, are really great!

How Long is Phlebotomist Training?

Wondering how long is phlebotomy school in New Hampshire? You’ll get the answer to that question right here.

A little heads up. Don’t be surprised if a phlebotomist program lasts 200 hours.

Take a look at what some of the colleges in New Hampshire offer when it comes to phlebotomy:

To earn a certificate at the Manchester Community College in Manchester, you need to:

  • Go through 120 hours of combined classroom and clinical practice with phlebotomy training specialists
  • Have a complete documentation of your physical exam, TB testing and immunization records
  • Have health insurance and liability insurance.

For another program, at River Valley Community College in Claremont, you will have to:

  • Pass the classroom learning part
  • Go through 120 hours of clinical practice
  • Produce proof of health insurance

Meanwhile, the program at The Salter School for Nursing & Allied Health can be finished after:

  • 13 weeks of combined didactic and hands-on experience
  • Students who pass it are eligible for the NHA (National Health Association) examination.

Don’t forget that, following the course, you will probably have to go through some phlebotomy on the job training at a place you are hired in.

Do Employers in New Hampshire Require a Phlebotomy Certification Course?

Luckily, you do not need a certification in phlebotomy in order to get hired in this state. However, don’t expect to go very far if you haven’t completed a phlebotomy training course at least.

New Hampshire has excellent schools for phlebotomy, so it would really be a shame to miss on what they have to teach you. If for nothing else, then for the fact that the certificate you earn here shows your knowledge and experience in venipuncture and other skills as a phlebotomist.

How Much Do Phlebotomy Schools Near Me Cost?

Unfortunately, a school for phlebotomy in New Hampshire is a little more expensive than what you can find across the United States. On average, they cost above $3,000, so be ready for this higher phlebotomy training cost.

At The Salter School of Nursing & Allied Health in Manchester, for instance, a course for phlebotomists will cost you $4,450. This includes both tuition and the fees.

On the other side, Manchester Community College is a little cheaper. Tuitions costs $1,460. This doesn’t include the applicable fees.

More Local Phlebotomy Courses in New Hampshire

Don’t forget to take a few hours and do some research of your own on phlebotomist education and training. That’s the best way of finding the program that is like tailored for you in New Hampshire.

Below, you can find what phlebotomy schools in cites such as Manchester, Claremont, Nashua, and Stratham.

The Salter School of Nursing & Allied Health60 Rogers Street, Manchester, NH 03103
Manchester Community College1066 Front St Manchester, NH 03102
River Valley Community College1 College Pl Claremont, NH 03743
NH Community Technical College505 Amherst St Nashua, NH 03063
New Hampshire Community Technical College277 Portsmouth Ave, Stratham, NH 03885

How’s the Job Outlook for Phlebotomists in New Hampshire?

As we already mentioned, New Hampshire has one of the best health care systems in all of United States. This makes enrolling in a phlebotomy program a good choice for someone looking to begin a career at a hospital or other medical institution.

New Hampshire has a higher cost of living, but this is balanced by the GDP per capita of $48,447 and an average wage per year of $48,969.

Also, the unemployment rate of 4,4% shows how strong New Hampshire economy is.

In any case, a good phlebotomist shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a job in New Hampshire

Being a phlebotomist is rewarding. If the prospect of a nice salary, a career in medicine and helping people sound good to you, enroll in one of the schools for phlebotomy in New Hampshire today.