Oklahoma will have a high demand for phlebotomists in the next few years. The state has a predicted shortage of various healthcare professionals including nurses, physical therapists, and most importantly, phlebotomists.

Here’s why you need to enroll today in a phlebotomy training class in Oklahoma.

Why Should You Enroll in a Phlebotomy Training Program in Oklahoma?

Public health is a growing point of emphasis in Oklahoma. The state has developed a new State Health Improvement Plan that focuses on creating healthy schools, businesses and communities. Why not be a part of this fight by taking a phlebotomist course?

In addition to the predicted shortage of medical jobs, consider these facts about Oklahoma’s economy:

  • Two high-ranked medical schools at the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University;
  • A cost-of-living that ranks below the national average; and
  • An economy that is steadily recovering, matching the growth of the broader U.S. economy.
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Oklahoma is home to some of the top medical training facilities in the nation

The University of Oklahoma’s medical school provides real value for potential students, with a ranking in the top 100 and tuition rates below many other schools. Oklahoma State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine has been consistently ranked among the best allopathic and osteopathic schools in the country by U.S. News & World Report. That magazine ranked the OSU school as the most popular medical program in the country in 2012. The school is also well known for providing a wealth of financial aid to eligible students.

Oklahoma City is one of the most affordable cities in the U.S. The city is also growing faster than many in the country: Its population has increased by 5% since 2010. And, the city boasts an unemployment rate of just 5%.

Where Can I Find Classes for Medical and Phlebotomy Training Near Me?

Phlebotomy courses in Oklahoma are simple to find. Instead of searching for hours, just use our list of programs below. We have compiled a list of several schools offering medical and phlebotomy training in Oklahoma.

Just click on a school you like. Then, fill out the form! Using the information from the form, we will match you with a program that meets your specific schedule and needs.

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Again, finding a class is just a few clicks away. Once you fill out the form, we can send information about tuition, starting dates, and financial aid straight to your inbox.

How Much Can You Earn Once You Complete Your Phlebotomist Training in Oklahoma?

The average salary for a phlebotomist in Oklahoma is $29,950 per year. You should expect mostly the same pay, depending on your experience and the cost of living in your city.

To get a better idea of the pay in your local city, here are the median phlebotomist salaries in five of Oklahoma’s most populated cities:

  1. Oklahoma City – $29,177
  2. Tulsa – $29,538
  3. Norman – $29,177
  4. Broken Arrow – $29,538
  5. Lawton – $26,072

Who Can Enroll in Local Phlebotomy Classes?

Anyone interested in starting their Phlebotomy Technician training is eligible after graduating high school or a GED. That’s why phlebotomy is one of the quickest and easiest ways to start a healthcare career. It doesn’t require years of nursing or medical school, and it’s available to most working adults.

In addition, you can usually find a phlebotomist school that meets even the most awkward schedules. So don’t worry if you already have a day job or classes throughout the day. Many programs offer night classes or accelerated learning programs on the weekends.

How Long is Phlebotomy Training?

Again, phlebotomy careers are quick to start not just because of their minimum requirements, but also because of their length. But how long is phlebotomy school?

Let’s look at a few examples from actual programs in Oklahoma.

Rose State College offers a two-semester Phlebotomy Certificate Program. The program features 40 hours of in-classroom courses and 120 hours of phlebotomy on the job training. Students that pass the course will receive a “Certificate of Completion of the Course of Study in Phlebotomy” and be eligible to take national board exams.

Tulsa Community College also offers a one-semester phlebotomy career training course. That school provides 120 hours of training. Students will leave the class with a certificate. The course is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences.

So overall, you can expect from one to two semesters of time to complete a course. Your time will be well spent with phlebotomy training specialists who will prepare you for the basics of your future job.

Do Employers in Oklahoma Require a Phlebotomy Certification Course?

No, it is not required to have any certification or license to practice phlebotomy in Oklahoma. Employers are mainly looking for experience or that you completed a class.

If you want to have a certification, you may want to consider enrolling in a program that prepares you to take a national phlebotomy certification exam. Upon passing this exam, you will be awarded a certification that will boost your credentials for any future employers.

How Much Do Phlebotomy Schools Near Me Cost?

The phlebotomy training cost for each school will differ.

Often times, a program at a community college or university will cost over $1000. For example, the classes at Rose State College course costs $1,742 per semester.

Meanwhile, another school for phlebotomy can cost almost ten times as much. As an example, the phlebotomy program at Platt College costs $15,420 for a comprehensive 44-week course, covering both medical assistance and phlebotomy.

All in all, it’s important to understand exactly what your program offers. Before you pay extra, make sure that the benefits will outweigh the expenses.

More Local Phlebotomy Courses in Oklahoma

Want to spend more time researching Oklahoma phlebotomist education and training programs on your own? We understand that!

The decision is important, and we want to help.

Below we have a list of different schools for phlebotomy in Omega, Lawton, Midwest City, Seminole, Moore, Oklahoma City, Lawton, Tulsa, and Norman.

Chisholm Trail Technology CenterOklahoma 33, Omega, OK 73764http://www.chisholmtrail.com/index.php/courses/health-sciences/phlebotomist
Great Plains Technology Center4500 W. Lee Blvd., Lawton, OK 73505http://www.greatplains.edu/adult/career-education-plans/
Rose State College6420 S.E. 15th Street, Midwest City, OK 73110http://www.rose.edu/phlebotomy
Seminole State College2701 Boren Boulevard, Seminole, OK 74868http://www.sscok.edu/Cat9-11degrees/occup/nursing/mltPhlebotomy.html
Platt College201 North Eastern Avenue, Moore, OK 73160http://www.plattcolleges.edu/content/allied-health-programs
Platt College309 South Ann Arbor, Oklahoma City, OK 73128http://www.plattcolleges.edu/content/allied-health-programs
Platt College2727 W Memorial Road, Oklahoma City, OK 73134http://www.plattcolleges.edu/content/allied-health-programs
Platt College112 SW 11th Street, Lawton, OK 73501http://www.plattcolleges.edu/content/allied-health-programs
Tulsa Community College909 South Boston Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74119http://www.tulsacc.edu/campuses-and-centers/southeast-campus/southeast-divisions/allied-health/phlebotomy-certificate
Tulsa Community College3727 East Apache Street, Tulsa, OK 74115http://www.tulsacc.edu/campuses-and-centers/southeast-campus/southeast-divisions/allied-health/phlebotomy-certificate
Tulsa Community College10300 East 81st Street, Tulsa, OK 74133http://www.tulsacc.edu/campuses-and-centers/southeast-campus/southeast-divisions/allied-health/phlebotomy-certificate
Tulsa Community College7505 W 41st Street South, Tulsa, OK 74107http://www.tulsacc.edu/campuses-and-centers/southeast-campus/southeast-divisions/allied-health/phlebotomy-certificate
Tulsa Community College6111 East Skelly Drive, Tulsa, OK 74135http://www.tulsacc.edu/campuses-and-centers/southeast-campus/southeast-divisions/allied-health/phlebotomy-certificate
Moore Norman Technology Center4701 12th Avenue NW, Norman, OK 73069http://mntechnology.com/search-content/phlebotomy
Moore Norman Technology Center13301 S Penn, Oklahoma City, OK 73170http://mntechnology.com/search-content/phlebotomy

How’s the Job Outlook for Phlebotomists in Oklahoma?

Again, based on the shortage of medical professionals in Oklahoma, your job prospects are highly positive. Given Oklahoma’s lower cost of living, and the demand for phlebotomists, the outlook is very good for phlebotomists.

If you’ve been considering this type of career now is your chance. Enroll in a class today and take advantage of a career choice that will be in demand for years to come.

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